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Welcome to the World's First true traceback and trace forward system, where the data of any entity can now be traced back from consumer and / or retail to source via internet capable cell phone, wireless PDA or computer through the worlds largest and most complex database system.

Traceback of foods and ingredients including their containers has a new improved supply chain traceback portal for records exposure and food safety. The supply chains from field to fork needed assurance that if there is an issue or an event that items in question can be identified, isolated, within seconds via a common website from any place on the globe.

Having this portal is a way to Communicate to the supply chain partners, regulators, and consumers in a more effective way, this need for a high speed records retrieval system brought about by website. provides absolute traceability for field-packed fresh produce, ingredients foods at their jurisdictions, and locations as a record is established.

The traceback. com website has three layers of search, on for the individual record of an entity SSI-EID, second for the RFID number of an animal, object or container its in, and third the PIDC or location code of a site of where a entity is located when a record is established.

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